California Christmas Party Magician Tips

Holiday party season is upon us. That lovely time of year when Susan from HR has too much nog, and you finally hear what the quiet tech support guy sounds like. Having some entertainment for your holiday party will certainly spice up the event and take the focus off Steve from accounting’s unique dance moves.

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Take Two DMB’s and Call Me in the Morning

Anytime I am feeling down, I tend to default to listening to Dave Matthews Band. Yes, I know there is a weed smoking bro-like mentality associated to them, and many of their lyrics seem to have been written by five year olds (“I was there when the bear ate his head, thought it was a candy”) but I can’t help but feel optimistic about our chaotic world when I tune in. There is a blanket full of audio comfort in a jam band's positive vibes.

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Exit the Comfort Zone

I think it is important to get out of your comfort zone. In my case it is performing on stage. I consider myself a stage performer. I have a background in theater and love to mix that element with magic. So when I was asked to step off the stage, and perform at Magic Bar LA, I was rather nervous. 

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