two magicians. one mic.

Fellow magician and actor Mark Toland and I just started a podcast dealing with all things magic. Essentially, it’s a podcast designed by working magicians for magicians and performers. We dissect magic and observe it from the performance perspective.

Our first couple episodes are already up on iTunes and can be found by clicking iTunes Link HERE (There is some mild language in each episode, but we’re all adults here, right?)

We are hoping to put out an episode each week, with topics ranging from creativity to inspiration to scripting and more. Also, we hope to have many magicians joining in on the discussion, too.

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Here are a couple of reviews from iTunes:

As someone who has sat through many magic shows, I find this dialogue is a welcome change. Glad that a couple of magicians are finally talking about magic in an artistic and intelligent way! Magicians need to hear this!” – S. Nicola

“Harsh and opinionated – just how I like it!!! Mark and Nick have created a very upfront and honest podcast that breathes a nice breath of fresh air into what has become a (sometimes) very bloated and self-important industry. Not everyone (read: magicians) will enjoy it-probably because they’re the ones the guys spend 32 minutes exposing-the lazy, redundant, hack “performers” who never heard a joke or line they could get into their act fast enough, but those that “get it” will appreciate it.” – M. Paldino

If you have any feedback, thoughts, or would like to be part of a future episode, e-mail us at

 iTunes Link HERE