My gig at Guantanamo Bay Day 2/3


cuba boats7/3

Day two in sunny humid Cuba. Took a bus tour right up to where the prisoners are held. I could not see the playing sports like I could when I lived next to the high rise prison in downtown Chicago.

Hopped on a pontoon boat and toured the bay of Guantanamo. We traveled right up to the “do not cross unless you never want to see your family again” line that separates the US section and Cuba. Even though it was a death sentence to go another 200ft, all of us in the boat were still tempted. Just to see what would happen. Maybe the snipers in the tower didn’t have real bullets. It reminded me of kindergarten when your teacher tells you not to eat the paste, and you still want to eat the paste.

I got to jump off a 20ft dock that used to be a coal refueling station in the 20’s. As I fell to my possible death I hear the faint sound of the ‘Lindy-hop’ still playing.

Saw some dolphins. Tried to feed them left over burgers. Snorkeled in a place known as ‘Romance Cove’. I saw no place to park a 50’s convertible. Water was clear as a bell. Saw many clown fish and coral. I cut my leg at one point and realized I had been “chumming” the water. Slightly terrifying to know Marlin from Finding Nemo may possibly be your last friend if Bruce shows up.

After had some authentic Jamaican food at a place called the Jerk House. The cooks were not Jerks, one shook my hand before he took my order of Jerk Chicken. The name is very misleading.

After I bowled about five games with the band Anberlin. Nice chaps. Honestly I did not know their work until someone played their hit “Impossible”. Google it. I am sure you have heard it in the background of a grocery store at some point. Catchy stuff. I’m a fan.

cuba fireworks7/4

Bought some souvenirs. One is a shirt that says GMTO: Close But No Cigar. I wonder how long that took to write.

Currently killing time before I do do close up magic at the Fourth of July celebration. Hopefully I do not suck. That would be an awkward plane ride home if the pilot’s card was not the correct one I pulled out of my mouth.