My gig at Guantanamo Bay Day 4

Guantanamo Bay Day 4

GTMO Stage for Anberlin

Gig went well. I had a man wearing a makeshift American flag cape offer to by me a drink after I showed him a card trick. He swears he was sober. They shot fireworks off a barge right near the event. I certainly hope they told Cuba. I kept expecting them to fire back. When you live in Disney World fireworks aren’t often a big deal, but it still was impressive. For the Navy, 5,000 pounds of explosives are not a problem with the TSA.

After we had a gourmet meal of McDonald’s. I went back to the bar and watched drunk guys get angry at the band for leaving to go to bed for a 5:30am flight. Pretty sure one of them was the guy who spoke Gibberish inThe Water Boy.

Traveling back has tested my travel skills to the fullest. We had to take a 30 seater commercial airline that lacked air conditioning back. No fancy Navy escort this time. When we laned I over heard the pilot say to the co-pilot, ” Yea, that thing is missing some parts.” Always comforting.

After I had already gotten through immigration in Miami, I noticed one of our guys in a yellow shirt (that detail is important) was not getting through. So I took it upon myself to hand our official military orders to a boarder patrol/security/weekend male model. I told him to give it to the guy in the yellow shirt. He pointed and said, “That guy?” Seeing only one man in a yellow shirt, I said confidently, “Yes.”

A few minutes pass, and I notice our man in the  yellow shirt got through, but did not have our official military orders in hand. I went back up the the handsome gentleman and said, “Umm, can we get that piece of paper back.” He states, “I gave him to the guy in the yellow shirt.”

“This guy?” Pointing to the man in my party. He said, “No. It was the man you were pointing to in the yellow shirt. Bigger guy…”

The man in our party was not a bigger man. In fact he was rather skinny. So using my learned object permanence from childhood, I concluded that male model and I were not talking about the same dude. This offered a problem because that piece of paper would give military confirmation to the angry American Airlines lady, basically saying all six of us had seats on the connecting flight to Orlando.

Then I found out the lady in our party who had the spare copy, could not find her passport and was escorted into a little room. I assume it did not offer free coffee and doughnuts. Maybe guns and free handcuffs.

But after some freaking out and about 45min, everything was settled. The non organised lady got through and the spare copy of the military orders worked. I still can’t figure out why the large man in the yellow shirt, when handed the orders, didn’t stop and say, “Oh this is not mine.” Maybe he was from the goverment and wanted to see how well we could fight our way out of the sitution. Or he was just a dick.

Either way, I am safe and home now. On to the next adventure, shopping at Target with tourists!

This guy was on the Navy's weather channel.