My gig at Guantanamo Bay Day One

GTMO 7/2/12

Sitting on a Navy piloted Cessna plane headed for Cuba. Never thought I would type that sentence.

When you make your living by being an “entertainer” (subject to good or bad show/audience/frame of mind), occasionally a strange gig will pop up here or there. This month it was being thrown an offer to perform on the Naval Base next to Guantanamo Bay Resort and Spa for those who have harmed America, or casually mentioned maybe harming America in a Starbucks somewhere.

The plane kind of looks like the FedEx flight that went down in Castaway. I really don’t feel like growing a Hanks’ beard, so crossing my fingers for that not to happen. I’m sitting next to a Navy gentleman in a light brown jump suit, acting as how he described it, “A makeshift flight attendant.” Which means no drinks and in the event of an emergency, I’d probably let him have the life raft due to his size and more appropriate contribution to society.



Landed safely on a small airstrip and had to take a ferry into the actual Naval base. Sad news, turns out they do not have a GTMO stamp for my passport. We can take pictures of everything except the building where they hold trials for the to be determined prisoners. They want to keep it a surprise.

Ate dinner at a pub. Turns out GTMO has a good beer selection. The TV was playing Star Wars Episode II in the restaurant. Apparently that is a torture technique for those on the island.

Forgot to mention that I am with two caricature artists, two face painters, a stilt walker and the band ‘Anberlin’ (not sure if that is the correct spelling), apparently they have some hits. Khalid Shiq Mohammed must be a fan.

Tomorrow boat tour, snorkeling and bowling. Things keep getting stranger.