Is Magic Art?

Is magic art? I guess so. I honestly don't know sometimes. Last night I watched Shoot Ogawa perform at Wizardz Magic Theater in Kissimmee, FL and for the first time I almost cried during a magic trick. Sometimes I want to cry when seeing a bad magic show, but this was different. His closing piece was beautiful. Shoot told a story about how he used to perform as a little kid. He had no one to watch him perform when growing up, so he would use the fish at a nearby pond. He did a wonderful coin routine using pebbles, and he closed it with a production of 3 goldfish inside a once empty wine glass. He described it as his old audience members, and something about it brought back what magic used to mean to me when I was a kid.

Sometimes you forget the joy and astonishment you used to get because it is easy to get caught up in the "how" and "why" things work. I miss being able to accept real magic. I thank him for allowing me to experience that one more time.