Corporate Magician Challenge

Performing as a magician at a corporate event can be nerve racking sometimes. Mainly because you are performing for a group of people that aren't always familiar with the entertainment end of magic. When someone says "magician" or "magic" most people still picture a guy in a tuxedo, with a rabbit coming out of the hat. So it becomes my goal each time I perform at a corporate event or company banquet, to break down the "magic stereotype". I simply want the audience to have a good time and relax. I still want to fool you, but I want you to enjoy yourself while being fooled. Comedy, magic and audience participation are in any type of corporate entertainment event I do, and that allows the show to be taken seriously, but no too seriously.

During the magic show, it is my hope that the audience is not constantly trying to ruin it for themselves. I feel like I have succeeded if only on the car ride home do they think back over the show and say to themselves, "Hey, how'd he do that?"