Magician's Magician.

I strive to be a better entertainer and magician not just for regular audiences, but for magicians as well. If you can, not just fool, but entertain a fellow magician, I feel like you are doing something right. There are a handful of magicians that astound me and make me want to do a better job. I love walking away from a magic performance baffled because it tells me that I was so into the whole arc of the show that I did not stop to question the method. Magic is like a good movie. If you are watching Michael Cain give a heartwarming performance  you don't stop and think to yourself, "Wow, that Michael Cain is great!" You are too busy being emotionally invested in the story and characters. A good magic show should do the same thing. The audience shouldn't stop half way and think to themselves "How did he do that?" They should be wrapped up in the performance, and given a break from their day to day troubles. People often forget the "magic" in magic. They skip past the story and go right for the method if the performance is not adequate.

I try to make my magic show like a good movie. It's not necessarily about the magic, it is about the excitement an audience should take home with them.