Comedy Magic Show or Strolling Entertainment?

I have a lot of clients lately who have booked me for a live stage show, when in fact all they needed was strolling close up magic. It is important to know your event when booking entertainment. My goal is to do a great job, and leave your guests with positive memories. When booking entertainment ask your self the following questions:

Will there be room for people to watch the performance? Will there be music playing in the background? Is there a suitable performance space where everyone can see? Will guests want to socialize with one another the whole event, or will a break be good for them?

A lot of clients don't feel close up magic is enough, when in fact it can work 1,000 times better than a live 45 performance, depending on how your event is set up.

If a stage is easily viewable, and guests will be will to sit down and watch for 45-60 min- then a live comedy magic show will work great for you. If not- stick to the strolling close up magic. Sometimes being one on one with your guests for 5-10 min each is better than forcing them to sit through a show they didn't plan on watching.

I am a fan of "Leave them wanting more" rather than "When will this guy get off the stage?"