SABA Island Performance

I had the pleasure of performing at Shearwater Resort on SABA Island. Before this gig I had never heard of this place. But once you visit it is unforgettable. I performed an adult show on Friday evening and a family themed show on Saturday. The island only has a population of about 1800 people...and I am pretty sure I performed for all of them. Everyone was very hospitable and friendly. The cool part about the island is that everyone knows each other. It was rare when traveling by tiny car that you did not get waved to, or a "hello" thrown your way. Everything on the island comes by boat. And to get there you take a small commuter plane. When flying past it reminded me of the Lost World from Jurassic Park. Very wild to see in person. Photos do not do the location justice.

I hope to return in the future. It is a beautiful mountainous land filled with great people and the performances got great responses.

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