Magic and Laser Tag

A lot of magicians talk about getting back to that state of childlike wonder. David Copperfield has a great piece entitled “Snow” that illustrates this point perfectly.

Doing this for a living, you often forget how to see the world through the eyes of wonder and excitement. Instead you focus on the right move or getting the trick to have the right crowd reaction. But yesterday, I found a quick and easy fix to lose yourself and fix your stress: Play laser tag.

I haven’t ran around in a smokey, blacklight lit room shooing a plastic laser gun in nearly fifteen years…but cripes was it fun. It jolted me back to when I was a kid, and used a different part of my brain that really hasn't been touched in years.

Magic and laser tag renew your sense of surprise and excitement. They shut out the world’s depressing stories and allow for anything to be possible.

And most importantly, you figure out that you gain the most points by following little Timmy because he is a slow moving target.

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