The Age of the Cheesy Magician is Over

Gob BluthWe are in sort of a magic renaissance. Magic on tv has changed. You have shows like Penn and Teller “Fool Us” where clever, good magic is no longer ridiculed, but encouraged. The era of street magic was fine an dandy, but I think it has been done to death. The whole “magic outside the theater” thing is old hat. Magic should really only exist in a space where you have everyone's attention and can surprise without the necessity of camera tricks.

We are slowly getting to a point with the public perception of magic where it is seen as an art form, rather than a guy trying to freak people out just for the sake of freaking people out. Magic is no different from music; It is there simply to make you feel something. Whether that is surprise, aww, excitement or humor - all of these touch on the human spirit.

Sure at the end of the day magicians are just swindlers and cheats…but the good ones are honest swindlers and cheats. They tell you they are going to lie to you, then they do.

The age of the flashy magician showing off his skills simply just to show off is on the decline.

Thumbs up to that.