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Nick was featured on the Successful Performercast this week!

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In this interview, magician Nick Paul talks about his time performing with Disney, performing silently, and his sketch comedy influence!

Nick is a magician who for 14 years has performed full-time touring the United States at corporate events, collages, and theaters. He’s also had opportunities to perform at Walt Disney World, on cruises, and in multiple countries. He was voted “Critic’s Choice” for Best Variety Performance at the Orlando Fringe Festival, and was personally invited to audition for America’s Got Talent.

In addition to this, he also has a podcast geared toward magicians called “Two Magicians, One Mic.”

Walt Disney World says, “He’s an entertainment tour de force.”

Interview with Nick Paul: Success Mantras

You’re only as good as your next show.

“Yes, and…”

Working with Disney

• Tells how he got in with Disney, auditioning, and a “lucky break.”

• Tells how he created a specific show, a silent act, for his Disney audition.

• How he doesn’t like auditions and about his inside perspective into them.

• Performed at The Boardwalk at Walt Disney World in a sort of busking atmosphere (without passing the hat).

• Learning from other performers and from the different kinds of audiences.

• Gearing up to work on Disney Cruise Lines.

• Changes he’s making as he’s getting ready to get into a completely different venue.

Working Silent & Sketch Comedy

• Being aware of your posture and every movement and facial expressions.

• Your actions need to be genuine.

• How to view your helpers up on stage.

• Playing off of your partners on stage.

• Playing bigger and smaller.

• Listening to your audience.

• At the end of a sketch, the character is forever changed.

• How does this sketch change me and the audience?

• The audience is your partner.

• When and how you can tactfully “razz” or “jab at” your helper.

Other Topics Covered

• Impostor Syndrome

• Networking with people and being kind.

• Cutting your teeth in restaurants.

Failure Moment

How Nick tried to get into the Blue Man Group and then ultimately realized it wasn’t for him. Even after two of his friends landed gigs with them.

Favorite Success

Landing a contract with Disney.

Biggest Pro Challenge

Differentiating himself from other magicians.

Parting Advice

Be kind and try to be unique with your act.

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