Hawaii and Back

November and December have been busy months. With shows at The Magic Castle, the Sayre Theater in Sayre, PA, Disney Land, private events and now back on Princess Cruises, I have been getting to perform a lot.

I flew into Honolulu Hawaii, stayed over night, flew to Maui the next morning, then caught the cruise ship Star Princess for a week. The ship goes direct to Ensenada, Mexico then up to LA. I will be making the same journey again a week from now. Five days at sea is four too long, but you figure out creative ways to pass the time (besides rehearsing new magic tricks, I also cleaned out my email attachments folder on my laptop. It’s loads of fun, I suggest you try it!).

Performing in the 800 + seat theater on board is a bit over whelming. But thanks to a great crew and staff, shows went smoothly. Connecting with a crowd in a smaller venue vs a giant theater is an adjustment for sure. You have to slow yourself down, and allow yourself to be able to fill the full space. You are always playing to the back row. But in this case, the last row is about one hundred rows back. It has been a learning curve for sure. Each time I perform in such a big space, I learn something new. You lose some of the personal connections that are so easy with close up magic, or in theaters under 50 people, but you learn to work off the laughter, audible gasps and other audience reactions.

You are only as good as your next show, especially in such a large space. I’ve learned to listen to the audience, and take each mistake as a gift (I only seem to really learn from my mistakes; i.e. not getting out of the straight jacket in time, not once…but twice). The idea is to just keep getting better, and know that this job is a lot of work, but a privilege. I know what it is like to not have constant work, and any time I start to complain about X, Y, or Z, I remind myself that it could always be much worse.

On to the next trip.

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