Never Eat Your Heros

If you were to tell me 3 years ago, before I moved to LA, that I would encounter mega famous people on a regular basis, I'd say you're crazy. But spending time at The Magic Castle Awards show at the Orpheum Theater last week was just that. 

Larry Wilmore and David Copperfield

Larry Wilmore hosted, David Copperfield was honored with "Magician of the Decade" and Dick Van Dyke showed up. It was really cool. And really strange. 

And then their was an after party at The Magic Castle. You literally are in a long line filled with your magic heroes, waiting to get Sushi.  🍣 

To be clear, I do not see this as normal. I see this as a strange day dream that will hopefully never be normal. But it's fun to be lucky enough to be apart of this magic subculture.

Magic is important and has effected art and pop culture in so many ways. Events like this remind me that being a weirdo in middle school practicing magic tricks in my parents basement paid off.

Nick PaulComment