30 things I learned in my 20s

1987 compton

I turned 30 this week. Looking back over the second decade of my life, I've tried to make a list of a few things I have learned, usually by mistake or via happy coincidences. 

  1. He who yells first usually loses the argument. 
  2. College is a really expensive, but ultimately a necessary networking experience. 
  3. Real world experience is necessary for classroom experience to be useful. 
  4. Listen. 
  5. Ask questions. 
  6. Be genuinely interested. 
  7. You can disagree with people substantially and still be respectful. 
  8. Better to ask for forgiveness than permission. 
  9. Kindness is magic. 
  10. Smile. 
  11. Don't take it personally. 
  12. Even if you are in the right, you will always look like an idiot if you freak out in public. 
  13. If possible, pay off your credit card weekly. 
  14. Turn off the news after 7pm. 
  15. Turn off social media after 7pm. 
  16. Read self help books. 
  17. Be aware of red flags. 
  18. Be aware if you are the problem in any situation. 
  19. Have confidence off stage. 
  20. The world doesn't owe you anything. 
  21. There is power in silence. 
  22. Show don't tell; Telling someone you're qualified never does much. 
  23. You aren't weird for being introverted. 
  24. Keep up good friendships, even at long distances. 
  25. You're only as good as yournext show. 
  26. Exist in the chaos. 
  27. Patience. 
  28. Work hard, but you can't force opportunities. 
  29. Failure is necessary to grow. 
  30. Take note of moments of happiness. 
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