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I created a simple beginner magic video for new magicians. This 30 minute video teaches ten easy magic tricks, and the best part is that it is free! You can watch it below! About: Magician Nick Paul teaches easy to learn magic tricks for beginner and novice magicians. He also gives advice from over 15 years of professional magic experience on how to perform magic, how to entertain an audience, and suggestions for additional books/videos to learn from.

Nick goes into great detail about how to perform each trick, and follows up the sleight of hand with slow motion recaps for easy learning!

Teaches over 10 Easy Tricks! Advice from a Professional Magician! Fool your friends and family! Great for Beginners or Novice Magicians!

Tricks You Will Learn: Spoon Suspension (Make a spoon float in your hand!) Jumping Rubber Band (Make a rubber band move magically from one side of your hand to the other!) Forcing a Card (Two different methods to make someone choose the card you want!) Controlling a Card (Keeping a card on top of the deck while shuffling!) Pick a Word (Pretend read someone’s mind using any book!) Hand Scam (Rotate your hands 360 degrees!) Arm Twister (Rotate your whole arm 360 degrees!) Rising Card (Make a card magically rise out of the deck!) Card to Cell Phone Case (Make a chosen card appear in anyones cell phone case!) Salt Shaker Vanish (Visually push a salt shaker through any solid table) Coin Vanish (Two classic methods to make a coin visually disappear and reappear)

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