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Name This Magic Show - Hollywood Fringe Festival 2017

Watch as four award-winning magicians battle it out onstage for your love, your votes, and your cash. Each performer presents their own unique style of illusion. At the end of the show, audience members vote for their favorite magician and favorite show title! The winning magician takes home all the glory and a big cash prize!

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Too Legit to Quit

I think a lot about quitting. Mainly because I'm a wimp and this job can be tough sometimes. On the surface it's glamorous; nice hotels, see the world, making people happy. But there is a mental tax to only being as good as your next show. I sometimes envy film actors in that sense. They do a take ten or twenty times, and then the performance is out of their hands.

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Failed Blue Man

You can’t explain timing. Timing in the sense of being at the right place, at the right time, and being ready. Since 2007 I wanted to be a Blue Man. It was my calling. I was obsessed with the show and had convinced myself that I was right for it; I was a drummer. I studied mime. And I loved non verbal comedy. “Why wouldn't they want me?” I’d often think to myself.

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